Hi, I'm Xu. You can also call me Joseph if the former pronunciation is too difficult for you.

I'm now a Data Scientist at Wiretap. We leverage artificial intelligence and data science to develop predictive natural language and network models for enterprise collaboration platforms.

I'm also a programmer, a writer, a Chen-style Taichi practitioner, and an Effective Altruist.

I was formerly a graduate student in stats at Cornell and a research analyst at Fudan University. Before that I was a marketing analyst for MyCoreRehab, dedicating to reduce people's chronic pain by rehabilitative education and athletic equipment development. A long time ago before that, I was a psychology major student at Tsinghua University and experimental psychology big fan, doing experiments from visual search, emotional perception to mindfulness meditation.

This is me in brief. I'd like to talk with like-minded people on creating beautiful things from software engineering to poetry, from statistical modeling to portrait painting, last but not least martial arts and sports science.

You can see a selection of my data projects here.

You can also find me on LinkedIn and Github.

My resume is available here.